Alternative to the Panier Bleu

The end of the Panier Bleu

Dear Quebec e-commerce merchants,

We have learned, like you, about the end of the Panier Bleu, a project that represented a significant investment but must now draw the curtain, leaving nearly 600 e-commerce merchants in uncertainty. These Quebec businesses had placed great hopes on the orders that the Panier Bleu could generate for them.

The closure of the Panier Bleu will have a considerable impact on many of you. That’s why we want to propose an alternative solution, easy to implement, which will support Quebec’s online commerce websites and stimulate their activities.

Become an e-commerce merchant on our platform.


Panier bleu

What to do after the Panier Bleu

We propose you join our network of e-commerce merchants and affiliates.

The Panier Bleu could have become a valuable source of business for your company by using dropshipping as an operational method. Our platform offers an innovative alternative based on affiliate marketing, which is a visibility and marketing solution that is similar, although not exactly the same.

Our affiliate solution allows you to attract visitors interested in your products to your e-commerce site. You only pay a commission when these referred visitors make a purchase within a reference period following the click leading to your site.

No fixed monthly fees are incurred; you only pay when a sale is made. A monthly invoice of the commissions owed, summarizing all referred sales, will be sent to you.

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Why trust us?

For almost 15 years now, long before the creation of the Panier Bleu, our goal has been to support the local economy by providing Quebec e-commerce merchants with a simple platform to increase their visibility.

It is indeed with this idea that our website Idée Cadeau Québec was born, launched in 2009.

As a Quebec-based company, although we operate across Canada, we are proud to offer our services in both French and English.

We have already earned the trust of nearly 200 Quebec e-commerce merchants, some of whom have been active for over 10 years.

Some of our affiliates who can promote your products include:


Comment devenir un cybercommerçant sur notre plateforme

Nothing could be simpler; you can fill out the registration form by providing some preliminary information. After that, you will be contacted to sign a contract (virtually) that will allow the creation of your account.

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We look forward to seeing your requests come through and evaluating everything!

– The Affiliation Focus Team