eCommerce (online retailers)

A simple way to increase your online sales

With affiliate marketing, you can literally have an 'army' of people that can refer your online sales, directly on your website. In exchange, you work on a commission rate, per referred sale, that'll make both of you happy.

Pay only when there are referred sales

When your eCommerce website is accepted on Affiliation Focus, you'll be able to test, with little to no risk, affiliate marketing to boost your online sales. Content creators such as bloggers or any site that'd like to refer you customers will be able to redirect their interested visitors to your site. Therefore, if they don't refer you sales, you don't need to speed anything!

Access to competent team that care for you

Our expert team can help you along the initial configuration of setting the tracking system up, and help you find content creators (affiliates) to start the promotion of your products!