Want to grow the sales of your eCommerce website?

Want to monetize the content of your blog, website or mobile app?

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Which actor of the economy are you?

eCommerce website

Do you currently have an eCommerce website with products to sell? If so, you can boost your online sales with the help of partners (sites, mobile apps) that will promote your products on their sites and/or apps. With Affiliation Focus, you can select from a list of partners that will send interested visitors your way!

Content creator

Do you have your own website, blog or mobile app? If so, the idea of monetizing it at some point has probably crossed your mind at least once by now! With Affiliation Focus, you can do so through promoting interesting and relevant offers.

Service business

Your company sells services, not products, and you'd like to have access to a reliable and trusworthy system that can track the customers that are referred to your business by friends, colleagues or salespeople, and then compensate them for the effort.


Reliable tracking & dashboard

The technology behinds Affiliation Focus allows for reliable tracking from start to finish: from the moment a visitor clicks on a promotional link to visit the website or product that was advertised, to the moment where he buys on the destination website.

A simple way to monetize your website, blog or mobile app

Your website, blog or mobile app is starting to gain traction, and you would like to use this occasion to find a simple & smart way to make money with it (to monetize it)? Don't wait any longer: submit your project, website, blog or mobile app to Affiliation Focus today so we can evaluate your possibilities!

Simple invoicing & reporting

No more invoicing nightmares. For eCommerce sites, our system will produce easy to understand invoices. They are in PDF format and contain the last month's referred sales, along with the corresponding order numbers to make it easy for you to corrobate the referred sales with yours.

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